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Portfolio & Jumbo ARMs

We are excited to offer this Adjustable Rate Mortgage Program. This program is available for Conventional (portfolio), and Jumbo loans. Feel free to contact us to see how we can be of assistance to you.

Product Offerings

• NO PMI required for 85% LTV/CLTV

• 5/6 and 7/6 30-day average SOFR ARM (Secure Overnight Financing Rate)

• ARM Margin & Floor Rate 3.00%

• 5/6 ARM Caps 2/1/5 and 7/6 Caps 5/1/5

• 5/6 ARM qualification rate is the fully indexed rate

• 7/6 ARM qualifies at starting rate

• Loan amounts greater than 1.5 million require 2 appraisals

• No buy-downs permitted

Let's Work Together

Let us help you make your goals a reality, contact us to start your loan application today!

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