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Golden Opportunities

Golden State Financial Authority (GSFA) Golden Opportunities Program provides financial assistance, up to 5% of the Loan Amount, to qualifying homebuyers in conjunction with FHA, VA or USDA First Mortgage Loans. There is no requirement that an applicant be a first time homebuyer to qualify. The assistance is provided as a Second Mortgage with an optional Gift.… 

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Program Highlights
General Terms

  • Up to 5.00% of the Final First Mortgage Loan amount.

  • Amortizing 15-year Second Mortgage Loan, sized at 3.50% of the First Mortgage Loan Amount, with optional Gift funds, up to 1.50%.

  • Amortizing loan with monthly payments

  • Second Mortgage is due and payable upon sale, refinance, or payoff of the First Mortgage

  • No subordination allowed

  • No first-time homebuyer requirement.

  • Borrowers must occupy the residence within 60 days of closing.

  • Borrowers may have ownership in other property at the time of closing, per agency guidelines.

  • For non-occupant co-borrowers, refer to loan agency guidelines.

  • Single Family Residences (1 Unit)

  • PUDs

  • Manufactured housing allowed (Subject to 50 bps LLPA)

  • Approved Condos and Townhomes

  • Minimum Credit Score FHA and VA 620

 *Prior approval required. Subject to Agency and investor requirements, the program may be combined with other down payment sources,     including Mortgage Credit Certificates. In all cases, the most conservative guidelines for each program will apply. Third Liens not allowed.

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